Translation is creative art. Our translators are native speakers of the language they are translating into and familiar with the linguistic and cultural nuances of your target market, ensuring you convey the right message. We offer document translations in all formats, covering various topics: Financial; Medical; Legal; Technical; Marketing and many more.


   Nothing is more important than a second pair of eyes. A proofreader or editor is essential to every project, not only to ensure linguistic quality, but also to make sure the final layout meets your expectations – every time.

Translation, editing & proofreading

   First step - Translation: rendering a text that is in a particular language into another, transferring information accurately to represent the original document in the target document.

   Second step - Editing: in modern parlance, this is used to refer to reviewing what was done in the previous step, i.e., review the translation performed of the original text in the previous step. Ensuring a faithful and accurate translation of the original and that there has not been any omission, and any guidelines given by the customer have been followed.

   Third step – Proofreading: This final review focuses primarily on the idea that the translated text read smoothly and sounds natural in the target language.

Desktop publishing

   Working with bi-lingual engineers, using various software, we offer high quality DTP in all languages, and nearly all file formats.


   We offer a highly professional, efficient and cost-effective service for all your interpreting needs – anywhere in the world, in any known language

Your global language solution

About us

 global networking responsive img Dega translations logo is a Translation and Localization company offering online services to a global clientele. We specialize in Asian and European languages. With a wide range of services to meet our clients’ diverse needs in the changing marketplace, we have the resources to handle each project and task on time. Because the business world never sleeps, DEGA operates 365 days a year, 24/7. DEGA also works as a sub-contractor for other global translation companies. Why not work directly with the core production? Our experienced teams can coordinate your project and needs, saving you the time and trouble of working with multiple contractors. You benefit from the world of talent and expertise available to turn your idea into a superior product – on time and tailored to your specific requirements.

Together, we can stand out

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